How VanMile Works

Moving labor services


Include details of items and get a great price.

Moving van hire

Track your move in real time

Know where your items are at all times.

One way movers

Complete your move

Rate your Helper and experience.

Ways To Use VanMile

Buy a bed on Craigslist and had no idea how to get it home
Haul a dining table from your parent’s home
Get help with labor only
Residential and Business office moving
Move some boxes to storage
Furniture store pickup
Junk removal service
Just about anything!

What Customers Are Saying

It's like Uber for pickup truck! Super easy to use, fast, and reasonable price.

Joana S.

A great service for those of us who need to move large items and don't have a truck.

Joe C.

Within well designed app, I was able to watch the helper drive to my apartment, so there wasn't a constant wonder of when the truck would arrive!

Patrick W.