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When you think of moving across the country, you probably think of lots of stress, hassle, and worry. And, while it is true that booking moving services and planning a huge move across the country can be stressful, it’s also true that, believe it or not, moving across town can be almost as stressful.

Sure, you may not have to go to an entirely new city, but you do have to pack up all of your belongings, get them all to your new place in-town somehow, unpack them, and then get settled in.

If you are in this situation and are moving across town, you will be glad to know that there are moving services DC residents have available, and one of the best is VanMile.

Just in case you haven’t heard of VanMile, it’s a sort of marketplace that specializes in helping those moving across town in the DC area. The service, which operates via an app, gives people who are moving an easy way to find helpers who can assist them with their move as needed.

This means that you don’t have to beg your friends to help you move or hire an expensive professional moving service or rent a pricey truck just to help you with moving in town.

Instead, you can use this super convenient alternative to an in town moving service and enjoy an easy, hassle-free move.

How This Cross Town DC Moving Service Works

The VanMile DC moving service works, as mentioned, through an app. When you are ready to move, you simply use the app to schedule your services. You can choose how many helpers you require, what type of service you need, and what kind of vehicle, such as a pickup truck or a box truck, they will provide.

After plugging in all of the details of your in town moving needs, you will receive a rate quote. You can either agree to this quote and book your services or change things up to make the price more within your budgetary needs.

When you are happy with the price, you can book your service and then, within a few hours, your helpers will show up to provide you with the assistance you need. VanMile always has helpers with trucks ready to assist you.

Many helpers will even offer additional services, such as helping you to pack and/or unpack your belongings, so you can truly get a full-service moving experience for an affordable price. Of course, you can always pack your belongs by yourself to keep moving cost down.

Furthermore, unlike with other, traditional moving services, you can book anytime when you are ready either on demand or in advance. You can book the day of your move and still end up getting great service!

Trustworthy Help from VanMile

Another great thing about VanMile is that you will always be fully protected in every possible way.

When it comes to payment, for example, your credit card payment will be processed via a secure, top-notch processing system, and you will never have to share your credit card information with anyone.

Furthermore, all helpers who work with VanMile have been fully background checked and identified in order to keep you and your possessions safe.

And, best of all, through the VanMile app, you can actually track your belongings from the moment they leave your old home to the moment they arrive at your new one. You won’t get that kind of service or information anywhere else.

As you can see, there’s a lot to love about VanMile, and it’s the perfect choice for an across town move, so be sure to download the app before your next move!