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Consider all of the major appliances that it takes just to keep your home comfortable, livable, and functional. If you are like most people, then you probably have at least one of each of the following major appliances:

  • A refrigerator
  • A stove
  • A microwave oven
  • A washing machine
  • A dryer
  • A dishwasher
  • An air conditioning and/or heating unit
  • A hot water heater

All of these appliances are large, heavy, and can be quite difficult to carry and transport on your own.

Thus, if one of your appliances stops working and you need a new one, how would you transport it to your home?

Well, fortunately, when it comes to that particular need, there’s an appliance delivery and moving service, VanMile, that has you covered.

With VanMile, a renowned appliance delivery and moving marketplace, you can simply use our special app to have an appliance picked up and delivered to your home whenever you want.

This means that you can find an appliance you like, buy it, and then, that same day, have VanMile bring it to your door and help you get it inside.

What could be easier?

Get Rid of Old Appliances

Another nice thing about this appliance delivery and moving Atlanta, GA company is that, not only will it go and pick up appliances that you have purchased, but it can also be useful in getting rid of old appliances.

When an appliance breaks or when it’s time for an upgrade, you are obviously going to want to get it out of your house.

And, whether you’re taking it to the dump, to its new owner, or even to a charity as a donation, you need a quick, easy, and convenient way to get it there.

Fortunately, VanMile will help you out with this need as well. Appliances can be picked up and delivered to a location of your choosing, and this service is available instantly as well, so you can book whenever it’s convenient for you.

Using VanMile

If you think that this appliance delivery and moving service in Atlanta sounds like a good match for you and your needs, then your first step is to download the app free of charge.

You will use this app when you are ready to book the services of your choice. When you book, you will be able to customize how many helpers you will need, the exact services you will need them to provide, and any other details related to the task you need completed. You will also be asked to upload pictures of the items to be moved.

This information, coupled with the overall distance of your delivery and the services you require, will allow VanMile to give you a price quote for your services. If you agree to this quote, then you’re ready to book and receive your service within an hour!

If you are not happy with the price, you can always go back and customize your services/needs to make the price more within your budget.

After you have booked using the app, you’ll be able to see when your helper or helpers are dispatched and, once they’ve picked up your item or items, you can even track their every move until the item or items are delivered safe and sound!

Once the service is complete, the payment will be automatically deducted from your card, making your transaction as easy and no-fuss as possible.

And, since using VanMile is so very easy, there’s only one question left: what are you waiting for? Download the app today!