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There have probably been many times in your life when you’ve needed the help of an appliance mover. Think back to when you moved into your current residence, for example. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have an appliance moving service to help you with all of the heavy stuff?

Or, what about the last time you bought a new appliance and had to get it home. Whether you had to pay a hefty fee for a moving company to move it for you or to borrow a friend’s truck and do all the hard work yourself, the job definitely would have been easier with the help of a local Atlanta appliance mover.

Well, the next time you find yourself with an appliance to move, you can find an Atlanta GA appliance mover, and you can do so cheaply and easily.

The “secret” is to use VanMile, a specialized marketplace that, through an app, allows you to connect with local appliance movers in your area. You can book these appliance movers to come to your assistance right away. In fact, the service that you request can typically be provided in as little as one hour!

This wonderful app and the help that it provides comes with many advantages, making it a must-have for everyone.

A Wealth of Services

When you use VanMile to help take care of your appliance moving needs, you will quickly have access to wonderful helpers who can assist you with many tasks including:

  • Getting a recently purchased appliance from its current location to your home
  • Removing an old appliance from your home
  • Moving an appliance from one location to another within your home
  • Getting a recently sold appliance to its new owner

What’s more is that not only does VanMile offer all of these great services, but often times, the helpers will assist you with other needs as well, such as unboxing the appliance and even getting it set up in its new space.

Affordable Appliance Moving

You will also find that, not only does VanMile offer a wide range of helpful services, but it does so very affordably. You will pay much less with VanMile than if you hired a professional moving company.

Plus, you can easily customize the services that you receive to meet your exact needs. For example, you can choose how many helpers will arrive to assist you with your appliance moving needs, what exact services they will provide, and the pickup and drop-off locations for the appliance. All of these things will factor into the cost, so you can easily adjust your needs to meet your budget.

Another great thing about VanMile is that you will never be surprised by the final price that you pay. When you book with VanMile, you will get an instant quote on what your services will cost and you will agree to this cost ahead of time which is much better than waiting until the end of the service and being handed a huge and hugely unexpected bill!

You don’t even have to handle or deal with cash when using VanMile. When you sign up for the app, you will simply input your credit card information. Then, once your service has been provided, the cost of your services will be deducted from your card.

You can tip your helper or helpers if you would like to, but you’re definitely not under any obligation to do so, and a tip will never be automatically deducted from your credit card.

As you can see, there is a lot to love about VanMile, so the only question that remains is why aren’t you using it yet?