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There are some jobs that are really hard to do on your own, such as moving large appliances. Without a truck and a lot of strength, getting this task done can be next to impossible. Fortunately, though, you don’t have to tackle appliance moving on your own. Instead, you can call on the expert help offered through VanMile.

Just in case you are not familiar with this Charlotte appliance mover option, VanMile is a marketplace that connects people just like you- people who need help moving their appliances- with qualified, local helpers who can come to any local location and assist with appliance moving needs.

These helpers can often arrive within just a few hours of booking your service (sometimes less), so VanMile truly is a great way to get almost-instant help from a Charlotte NC appliance mover, and, believe it or not, this service is surprisingly affordable, which means you can get the help you need without spending a fortune.

Customize Your Experience

When you use the appliance moving service offered through VanMile, you will be able to customize various aspects of your experience. For example, you can choose how many helpers you need, what kind of vehicle they will have, the pickup and drop-off locations, and various other details.

All of these details are used to give you a price quote before you book your services. However, you can easily take away services that you don’t really need to help lower the price. In this way, not only can you customize your appliance moving experience but you can also, to some degree, customize the price and make VanMile work for your specific budget.

Safe, Secure Payment

Using any kind of new service with your credit card can be worrisome, but you have nothing to be concerned about with VanMile. VanMile truly goes the extra mile to ensure that your credit card information and all other sensitive information is kept private.

You will need to put your credit card information into the app so that your payment can be processed once you have received your service. However, no one will ever lay eyes on your credit card number, including your helper.

Your payment will be processed using Stripe, an incredibly secure payment processing system. In fact, this system has the highest level of certification available for safety and security, so you never have to worry about your information being compromised when you use the VanMile app for your appliance moving and delivery needs.

Booking Your Service

Now that you understand how VanMile works, all you have to do is download the app and book your service today.

You can book your service more quickly and easily if you have some important information on hand about your appliance moving needs. You should be ready to provide:

  • Your credit card information for paying for your service
  • A pickup address for your appliance(s)
  • A drop-off address for your appliance(s)
  • Photos of the appliance(s) to help estimate cost
  • A brief written description of the appliance(s)

After you put all of your information into the app and agree to a price, you can select an approximate timeframe for your helpers to arrive, and, before you know it, the help you need will be there!

There’s no easier or better way to get your appliances moved, so book with VanMile today!