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What is VanMile?
VanMile is the “Uber of Moving & Delivery.” An on-demand, app-based marketplace that connects laborers and individuals with pickup trucks, box trucks and more, with those in need of various moving and deliver needs.
How much does VanMile cost?
Each Service type has its own price structure. Our app will automatically calculate the distance between locations and factor in all mileage charges, giving you an accurate and instant base price quote. A description of any additional charges is available for review by clicking the “i” directly below the displayed price quote. Click here for a description of Services.
How do I cancel my job request?
If the job hasn't been accepted yet, click on the red "briefcase button" to the right corner of the job request, then click “cancel”.
If the job has been accepted, please text or call your assigned driver to address him/her that you have requested a cancellation and will not be needing their help. Most drivers are good with notifying us, however sometimes they forget. So please, in addition to speaking with your driver, email us at with the request and include your Job ID.
How can I edit my request?
Unfortunately, once the request is finalized and booked, the only way to edit your date, time, and addresses is to accommodate with the assigned driver. Please text or call your assigned driver and let them know you have changes in regards to the job. Building a close relationship with your mover/delivery man is always a plus!
Is my bank information secure?
Security is one of the biggest considerations in everything we do. We use the secure system powered by Stripe to process all of our transactions. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor, and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification available.
How do I get a quote?
You can receive an instant quote while requesting the service through the VanMile app.
Here is how:
Download the Vanmile App on Apple or Google Play store. Once installed, choose service type, pick up and drop off location, add any description and/or photo. You should be able to see a price estimate immediately.
If you don’t have Apple or Google Play store(s) please go to to chat with us.
What info will I need to get a quote?
  • A Service type (pickup & one man, pickup & two men, truck & two men, or two men)
  • A Pickup address
  • A Delivery address
  • Photos for the items you want to move with a short description, importantly list any large items over 200 pounds, such as large office table; dresser, etc.
  • A Date and time
  • A credit card information for service charge during ordering
What if I don’t have any photos available?
Photos can be taken at the time of booking. They help the movers prepare for the job. However, if you cannot provide them please write a detailed description of your items in the “description” box.
Does VanMile move things within the same location?
We sure do! Just input the same address in both the pickup and delivery location when booking. For a couple of items move, you can select pickup and two men, Ex: couch moved from one room to another, for load/unload full truck, we suggest you select two men.
Do I have to tip my mover?
It is completely up to you, but not required. Mover can accept cash onsite or an “additional charge” via the App before job is completed.
How does payment work?
All payments are handled in the app, a credit/debit card is required when you request a service. This card is not charged until after the job is complete. Note, the App currently does not support American Express but we can do so manually. When booking your request provide a VISA or MasterCard and then email to provide AMEX information.
What happens on the day of my move?
You will receive an app notification that tracks the status of your Helper, and allows you to see when they are on the way. You can track your items in real time during transport from start to finish. From your booking list, you will have the ability to chat with your Helper via the message icon. After the job, please rate the Helper to help us to improve the service.
What happens after I book my request?
Once you submit your booking, the details of your request will be sent to the helper(s). You may be contacted by one or more of the helpers looking for additional information, to verify whether or not they will be able to complete your request. Once a helper has accepted to service your request, you will receive a notification in your app. You can then correspond with that helper directly thru the app via the message icon beside their name in your “Book History” under Accepted section.
Is every booking guaranteed to be accepted?
We do our very best to ensure that each request is accepted in a timely manner. However, each booking is subject to the availability of the helper(s) in the area selected, around the time selected. If a helper does not accept your request within a reasonable time frame, we can do one of two things: We are always happy to reschedule your request for another time, or we can cancel your request. Either way, you are not charged until after the job is complete!
What is VanMile's Damage Claim Policy?
Please send any claims or complaints to with photos and brief description of damage(s) within 72 hours of job completion date. Any claim received after will not be considered.
Is there a cancellation fee?
There is no cancellation fee if you cancel your request in advance. However, if you cancel your request after helper has been dispatched, the credit/debit card you used for booking will be charged a fee based upon your service request. These are structured in the following format: a $20 fee for “Pickup and One Helper” Service, a $30 fee for “Pickup and Two Helper” Service, a $50 fee for “Box Truck” request, or a $30 fee for “Labor Only” request.
Is there anything VanMile won’t move?
We’ll move anything as long as it’s not alive, illegal or dangerous. Sometimes items exceed our Helper’s weight capability – please let us know in the description box when you may think an item falls into this category (ex. Piano, Hot Tub, Gun Safe), so Helper will discuss with you to add additional crew with additional fee to help your moving.
What's the additional cost for an extra helper for Truck and Two Men or Two Men Service?
We understand sometimes you need extra set of hands on your move or to carry a heavy item, with this being said, ask your driver to bring an additional man for a little bit extra! They can inform you how much their charge is.
How long does it take to move a 3 bedroom house?
Loads and unloads vary each time, also depending on how well prepared for the moving items you have done, such as packing, disassemble furniture, etc. Size and weight of items play a large role in it as well. Our helpers make sure to secure and protect each and all items. With that being said, we cannot provide an exact time estimate.
Will a VanMile Helper pack or disassemble/assemble my furniture?
VanMile Helpers can help pack boxes or disassemble/assemble furniture. These services are considered labor time, and will be charged accordingly. No packing materials are included. This can be discussed separately with Helper. Please be sure to include these details in the description of your booking request.
What if my item needs to be returned to the pickup location?
For situations where the item(s) cannot be delivered or need to be sent back, the return fee is the same as the VanMile price to deliver.
What happens if my item doesn't fit through the doorway of my home?
In the event your item isn’t able to fit through the doorway, we can leave the item outside your home, in your garage or return it to the pickup location for a return fee (which is the same as the VanMile price to deliver).
How do you keep customers safe?
VanMile Helpers must pass our identity and background check in order to start accepting jobs. VanMile takes any negative feedback received in regards to a Helper, and investigates the root cause, and takes the appropriate actions to correct and prevent future occurrences.
How do I become a service provider (Helper)?
Download the app “VanMile Driver” and register! Once you’ve signed up, we will reach out via text message or email within two business days, requesting documents such as a copy of your driver’s license and proof of insurance. These items can be sent to Please include your name, phone number and any relevant details.
Keep in mind that we also have a customer’s app “VanMile – Moving & Delivery.” Do not download this app. If you have downloaded the wrong app at some point, please send an email to including your name and phone number that you had registered with, requesting that your customer account be removed. Someone will respond back once your customers account has been deleted from our system. At this point, if you haven’t done so already, you can uninstall the customer’s app and proceed to install “VanMile Driver” and register.
Can I ride the truck with the driver?
Unfortunately, due to insurance and liability reasons, we cannot allow customers to ride with the VanMile Helper. Please make the necessary arrangements for travel ahead of time.