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Have you recently found a piece of furniture that you just have to have? If so, have you given any thought as to how you plan to move it into your home? Unless you have a truck of your own, there’s a good chance that you are going to need the assistance of a furniture delivery and moving service, and, fortunately for you, VanMile has you covered.

In fact, VanMile can help people in a wide variety of situations. If, for example, you’re on the opposite side of the spectrum and have a large piece of furniture that you want removed from your home, then VanMile can help you with that too.

This furniture delivery and moving Charlotte, NC company will connect you, via its handy and 100% free app, with helpers in your area who can pick up a piece of furniture for you and deliver it to your chosen location, whether it’s a newly purchased piece you want brought to your home or an old piece that you want carted off to a dump, a thrift store, a new owner, or anywhere in between.

This awesome furniture delivery and moving Charlotte company has got you covered no matter what your needs are!

Request Service Instantly

There are many things to love about VanMile and the service that it offers, but perhaps one of the best things about this company is that, unlike with so many other companies out there, you do not have to request service weeks or months in advance.

In fact, once you have downloaded the VanMile app and put in your credit card information, you are ready to start taking advantage of the services that VanMile offers right away. This means that you can easily find a piece of furniture you want to buy, download the app, and then have that furniture moved into your home via VanMile the very same day.

You can use the app to request service in mere hours, making VanMile incredibly convenient and easy to use.

Pricing You Control

Yet another thing to love about VanMile is that you do have some control over how much you pay for the services that you receive. When you use the app to book your services, you will be able to put in information about the exact services and assistance that you require, your pickup and drop off locations, how many helpers you need, and various other details.

These details are then used to generate a price for you. It is then up to you to determine whether or not this price is acceptable. If it is, then you can submit your request and are good to go. If you’re not happy with the price, however, you can easily make changes to your service needs until you find a price and a service option that will work for you.

No matter what the price you’re given, you can rest assured that, with VanMile, there will never be any unwelcome surprises once the final bill comes. Furthermore, you are never obligated to pay a cent until you have submitted your request and a helper has been dispatched.

In these ways, you are able to control your experience, as well as what you pay for it, which is much more than can be said for other furniture moving and delivery services in the area.

As you can see, there is a lot to love about VanMile, so what are you waiting for? Download the app and start booking your services today!