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Imagine this scenario. You’ve found a piece of furniture that you absolutely love, and you can’t imagine not snapping it up. Maybe you’ve even gone and made an impulse buy because you just had to have the furniture you’ve found.

Only…there’s one problem. The furniture is too large to transport in your own vehicle.

If this happened to you, what would you do? You could leave the item and feel full of regret, or you could try to talk someone into picking it up for you…that is if you happened to know someone with a truck.

Of course, none of these scenarios are really ideal, but there’s one that is, and that’s to call on a furniture delivery and moving service that can assist you.

VanMile is such a service. In fact, we tout ourselves as an “on demand” furniture delivery and moving service because we employ helpers that will come to you, as soon as you request them, and immediately help you with your furniture moving needs.

A Wealth of Delivery Options

Not only will VanMile pick up furniture that you’ve purchased and bring it to your home, office, or other location of choice, but this furniture delivery and moving Washington DC service will also help you to get rid of furniture you currently have in your home or at another location.

So, if you have an ugly chair that you just can’t bear to have in your living room any longer, this furniture delivery and moving DC service will come and pick it up for you. What’s more is that it can take it anywhere, from the thrift store to the dumpster.

VanMile can also come in handy if you want to “gift” a piece of furniture to a friend or family member or to sell it to someone. Whatever the case may be, if you need furniture out of your home and delivered somewhere else, VanMile is the way to go.

Track Your Furniture from Start to Finish

Obviously, there are a lot of great features to love about VanMile, and one of the best is the fact that this company values your peace of mind. It cares so much about your sense of security, in fact, that it actually allows you to track the entire VanMile moving and delivery process from the app from beginning to end.

To start with, you will be notified when your request for a moving and delivery service has been accepted. You’ll even get an alert letting you know when your helper is on his or her way.

What’s more is that once your helper picks up your item or items, you will be notified and, from there, you can track, in real time, where your furniture is at any given moment. You’ll also get notified when the delivery is complete, allowing you to be in control and in the loop every single step of the way!

As you can see, there are a lot of great benefits to choosing VanMile and taking advantage of its excellent services. If you’re ready to try VanMile for yourself, then why not download the free app today? The sooner you download it, the sooner you can get help with all of your furniture moving and delivery needs!