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Why Choose VanMile Over A Home Depot Truck Rental?

Sometimes you need something moved in the Washington DC area but have no way of getting it done. Maybe you found something big at a garage sale or antique shop and have no way of getting it home because you don’t own a truck. Maybe you’ve used up all of your “friend passes” with those around you who do have a truck and just don’t want to bug them again. Plus the item is heavy and awkward, and you really don’t want to risk a friend’s well-being just to move something big. You certainly can’t get it done on your own, even if you do own your own might be strong, but you’re not that strong!

What’s Wrong With A Home Depot Truck Rental?

We understand why Home Depot rents trucks. Not only will they make money on the truck rental, but they also get free advertising as someone drives their logo around town! But there are quite a few negatives that come along with utilizing Home Depot truck renting or renting a box truck from anywhere.

  • When you rent a truck hourly with a big box store, you’re not getting a helper to help move your item.
  • There’s a lot more paperwork to fill out with truck rentals that you drive, which eats up your time and patience.
  • If you rent a truck hourly, you have to go get the truck and then return it when you’re done. Think of all that wasted time!
  • Be sure to make time to get to the gas station to fill the truck's tank before returning it, or expect a large charge for fuel.

But you still need something moved, so what’s the answer if you’re not going with a Home Depot truck rental?

VanMile Will Take Care of It!

Luckily, VanMile is there to solve all of the problems that renting a truck by the hour introduces. When you download the VanMile app and order up a truck, you’ll also get a helper to get your item on the truck. Your item will then be delivered to its new location, whether it’s your home, office, or the dump! Because your helper is also driving, you don’t have to worry about all the paperwork and insurance information that a big box store will be asking for.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the time you’ll save. When you order a VanMile truck and driver, they’ll show up where you want them and deliver to a different location. You don’t have to go get the truck or return it, which often eats into people’s time and racks up extra charges when they fail to return it on time.

Download the Vanmile App Today!

When you need help moving something in the Washington DC area, VanMile should be your first choice. Download the VanMile app, where you’ll be able to get a quote based on the type of truck you’ll need, the distance moved, and the number of helpers you’ll be needing. With the click of a button, your request will be sent and you’ll be contacted by one or more helpers. After choosing one, you’ll get an estimate or arrival time. That’s it, you’re all set!

When you’re looking for moving help at competitive prices, it’s hard to beat VanMile. Click here to download the VanMile app today!