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Welcome to VanMile, an exciting, efficient marketplace that connects people who need moving and/or delivery help with qualified helpers and their trucks. Our services are currently available in many locations across the United States, including:

If you’re not currently in one of our service areas, don’t worry! VanMile is quickly expanding and growing, and we might just be in your area before you know it! Keep checking back with us to find out if and when we’re available in your area.

What You Need to Know About VanMile

In order to book your service, the first thing you’ll need to do is to download the VanMile app, which you can do absolutely free of charge through the App Store or Google Play.

Once you have the app downloaded, you will be able to book the exact services you need. You can:

  • Get help with moving from one location to another
  • Have a purchased item picked up and delivered to your home or other location
  • Have items moved to a storage facility, charity, or other drop-off location
  • Move heavy items from one location in your home/on your property to another
  • Get help with loading/unloading and packing/unpacking (with some service options)

When you book your service, you will be able to choose exactly what type and level of service you require, and you will even be asked to upload pictures of the items to be moved. Providing this information will allow VanMile to provide you with an accurate pricing quote. You’re not obligated to pay this price until you’ve actually booked your service and your helper or helpers have been dispatched. As such, you’ll be in full control of how much you spend, and you can always add or subtract services as needed to reach a price that works for you and your budget.

Once you have booked your services, you’ll be able to use one of VanMile’s most unique and appreciated features- the real-time tracking feature. With this feature, you can actually track your items every step of the way. You’ll be notified when your items have been picked up and when they’ve been safely delivered, and, in the meantime, you will able to actually see where they as they journey toward the final destination you have chosen. If peace of mind is important to you, then VanMile is definitely the way to go.

After your service experience, you’ll even be able to rate your helper or helpers and your overall experience using the VanMile app. This rating feature allows you to choose the very best helpers each and every time and helps other users of VanMile to do the same. It also gives you a way to connect with us and let us know if there’s any kind of problem that you need help with. At VanMile, we are always here for you and eager to help with anything we can!

Service and Pricing Options

If you are lucky enough to have VanMile available in your area and want to learn more about the service and pricing options available, read below for a quick rundown. Keep in mind that individuals prices do vary based on the exact services you select, but, as mentioned, you’ll always get an accurate pricing quote before you book your services.

  • Pickup Truck and One Helper: The base price for this service is $55 for up to 8 miles of transport and up to 30 minutes of loading and unloading time. Your helper will assist with loading, lifting, and transporting items, excluding pianos, that easily fit inside of a pickup truck. Since you are only booking one helper, you may be needed to assist with lifting and loading items.
  • Pickup Truck and Two Helpers: The base price for this service is $85 for up to 8 miles of transport and up to 30 minutes of service. Your helpers will assist with picking up and loading any item, again excluding pianos, that easily fit in a pickup truck. Packing is not included with this service.
  • Cargo Truck and Two Helpers: The base price for this service is $150 for up to 10 miles of transport and up to an hour of service. Helpers do not assist with packing but will complete full loading and unloading services. Because of the larger truck size, this service is generally preferred for people who are performing a whole-house move, and the service is typically suitable for moving a one to two bedroom apartment or a medium-sized house.
  • Two Helpers: The base price for this service is $160 for two hours of labor, which may include loading and unloading and/or packing and unpacking.

Remember, if you ever have any questions about what a specific service entails or does not entail or about any other details, you can contact VanMile for help and information. We have live customer service representatives always willing and available to help you!

You will pay for your services using the VanMile app, which will ask you to input your credit card information. This information will be kept completely secure via our processing system. Your credit card information will never be made available to your helper or helpers, so you can rest assured that it will remain completely safe. You will never be asked to pay cash to your helpers, nor do you have to tip. Tipping is completely optional and up to you!

You will also be glad to know that VanMile goes through major efforts to ensure that each and every helper who offers services through us is safe and trustworthy. We thoroughly background check each of our helpers and also require identification. This helps keep you and your items safe.

As you can see, VanMile has all the bases covered so you can get quick, helpful, reliable same-day service for all of your moving and delivery needs. Be sure to download the app today and start exploring! You’ll quickly find that there is a lot to love about us here at VanMile and the stellar services we provide.