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Are you searching for a moving company to assist you with your Nashville, TN move? If so, then, before you book a standard (i.e. super expensive!) moving company, make sure you are aware of VanMile.

Just in case you are not familiar with this truly awesome moving app, VanMile is a special kind of marketplace that connects people just like you – people planning a move- with helpers who are more than happy to come out and move your stuff.

Unlike other moving companies Nashville has to offer, VanMile doesn’t cost a fortune to use. In fact, the pricing varies based on your requests and needs, so you can easily customize your services to find a price that works for you and your budget.

For a better alternative to moving companies Nashville, TN residents can enjoy, VanMile is definitely the way to go. To get started with it, all you have to do is download the free app and connect with awesome helpers in your area.

Paying For Your VanMile Moving Company Nashville Experience

After downloading the VanMile moving app Nashville TN users will be asked to provide their credit card information. This information, which will be handled securely, will be used if you book a move. When you do so, payment will be processed via a secure system after your service is completed.

This means that you do not have to worry about having cash on hand. The payment is simply taken care of for you right in the app, and you’ll have seen the price ahead of time so there won’t be any surprises.

Bear in mind that at no time will your helper or anyone else be able to view your credit card information. Everything is handled safely, giving you great peace of mind.

Same-Day Booking

Payment isn’t the only thing that is easy and convenient when you choose VanMile as your moving company. Now, you’ll also enjoy the fact that, with VanMile, you don’t have to plan your move weeks or months in advance. In fact, you can actually book your service on the day of your move!

With VanMile’s on demand service option, you can simply pick a time that you would like your helpers to arrive, and they should be there within an hour of your chosen time. You’ll even get an alert when your helper has been dispatched, allowing you to plan your day and your move better!

Real-Time Tracking

As if there wasn’t enough to love about VanMile already, you’ll also be happy to know that VanMile offers a handy real-time tracking feature that will allows you to keep track of your items every step of the way.

As mentioned, you’ll always get an alert when your mover has been dispatched and another when your items have been picked up. Of course, you can also be present at pick-up time if you prefer. What’s truly awesome, though, is that once your helper leaves with your items you will be able to track them until they arrive at your destination. You never have to worry about losing your items or any other problems when you can see where they are every second!

With so much to love about VanMile, what are you waiting for? Download the app today!