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If you are planning a move in the near future, then there’s a good chance that you are doing your research and looking at various moving companies in the DC area. Before you choose a moving company, however, make sure that you are aware of VanMile, a relatively new moving app that can make your big move simpler and more convenient than you ever thought possible!

Unlike other moving companies DC has to offer, VanMile isn’t run by expensive movers. Instead, it is staffed by real people just like you with professional moving experience. The only difference is that these “real people” have trucks or vans to help you move your things. You pack your house items to save money. They are equipped with blankets, straps and dolly to safely and easily load/unload, and transport your items for you.

What sets VanMile apart from other moving companies Washington DC has to offer is the fact that you don’t have to plan months in advance or pay huge sums to get your items moved. Whenever you are ready, you simply use the moving company DC app on your phone to book your move and customize your moving experience based on your needs.

Once you’ve done that using the moving app Washington DC, your movers will arrive, at your service, ready and fully equipped to help get you moved into your new place!

A Full-Service Moving Experience

When you choose to have your move done through VanMile, you can get a truly full service moving experience. How much or how little help you require is up to you, of course, but, basically, whatever you need in terms of moving help, VanMile can provide.

If, for example, you need someone to help you load and/or unload your items as you leave your current destination and arrive at your new one, VanMile can do that. Likewise, if you need help getting your belongings all packed up or if you would like some assistance unpacking them once you arrive at your new place, VanMile has got you covered. You can also get help with carrying heavy items that you can’t lift on your own with Two Men service only.

Few other moving companies, if any, provide all of the great services that VanMile offers, so if you want to truly have all the help that you could possibly need, VanMile is the way to go.

Customize Your Service, Customize Your Cost

Another really great thing about VanMile is that, as you customize your moving experience and the exact help that you will require with your move, you can also customize your cost.

When you use the app, you will be able to plug in all the details related to your move, such as your starting and ending location, the level of help and service you require, how many helpers you need, and other general details. All of this information will generate a price, which you can accept if you like. If necessary, though, you can also change the services you need to help lower the price.

In this way, you can get great moving help that matches your budget and that will allow you to move without breaking the bank.

Vanmile price is structured based on Service type, transportation distance and load/unload time. You always know what the cost could be. You’re never in for an ugly surprise when the final bill comes, which isn’t always the case with other moving companies, when you choose VanMile.

Get Started Today!

If you like the sound of VanMile and would like to try it out for yourself, then we encourage you to download the free app now.

That way, you can try it out, play around with different customization options, and plan a move at a price that works for you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying out this great app today!