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Moving a refrigerator is no easy job, especially if you don’t have a truck of your own! Fortunately, though, you can easily find a refrigerator mover whenever you need one with the help of VanMile.

VanMile is a specialized marketplace that uses an app to help people just like you get refrigerator moving service whenever they need it, with just a few clicks and taps on their phones or tablets.

Using the app, you can find a fridge mover to help you with any of the following:

  • Moving a newly purchased fridge from its current location to your home
  • Moving a fridge into your kitchen
  • Getting rid of an old fridge
  • Transporting a recently sold refrigerator to its new owner

As you can see, no matter what you need assistance with, this fridge moving service can be of great use to you!

Fair, Affordable Pricing

Another thing that you will surely love about VanMile is the fact that its pricing is very affordable, much more affordable than hiring a professional refrigerator mover Atlanta service or renting a truck yourself. Plus, your helper will be driving the truck, not you.

When it comes to paying for a fridge mover, Atlanta residents will be able to customize, using the app, what services they need, how many helpers they require, and the distance from the fridge’s original location to the drop-off spot. These things will determine the price of the refrigerator mover service in Atlanta GA, so it’s easy to alter the price by altering your needs.

You will be able to see and agree to the price before you book your service, so there definitely won’t be any unwanted pricing surprises after your service is received.

And, when you do pay for your refrigerator mover services, the cost will simply be deducted from your credit card. You don’t have to worry about cash or having exact change or any of these things. You’ll just easy and instantly pay the fair price you agreed upon ahead of time, no hassle involved!

You can also rest assured that your credit card information will be handled securely and that no unauthorized eyes will see your credit card information. Your helper, for example, never has access to this information, so you don’t have to worry about security in any way.

Fast Service

With many other moving services, you have to book your move weeks or even months in advance, and, even then, it can be hard to get someone to come at the exact time that you need.

With VanMile, however, you can book same-day service if you prefer, and you can choose a timeframe that works for you and your schedule. Typically, your item can be picked up and ready to go within hours of making your request.

What’s more is that you’ll always know exactly where your refrigerator is. You will be notified when your helper is dispatched and when your refrigerator is picked up and dropped off. And, in the interim, you will be able to see, using the app, where your refrigerator is in real time, so you’ll never be worried or wondering when it comes to your refrigerator and where it’s at.

There are obviously many great things about using the VanMile service, so go ahead and download the app. Even if you don’t need a refrigerator moved just yet, you will quickly find that VanMile has lots of great uses, and, when you do need refrigerator moving assistance, VanMile will be there and ready to help you!