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Do you need help moving a refrigerator? Well, amazingly enough, there is a company designed to help you with this exact purpose. VanMile offers a refrigerator moving service which you can book using the VanMile app.

The app, which you download on your phone or tablet for free, will connect you with VanMile helpers who are happy to come out and act as your fridge mover whenever you need them, and we do mean “whenever.” While other, similar services require you to book weeks or even months in advance, VanMile provides same-day service, often in as little as a few hours of your request.

When you book your fridge moving service using the app, you can choose the exact services you require down to the last detail, such as how many helpers you need, any “extra” services you require, and your pickup and drop-off locations.

A Safe, Secure Experience Every Time

When it comes to hiring a refrigerator mover Charlotte NC residents are often a little bit nervous about using a service they’ve never used before and inviting a stranger to come and help them. However, when you book through VanMile, you have nothing to worry about. This company really goes out of its way to keep you (and your fridge!) 100% safe.

To start off with, every single helper who works with VanMile is thoroughly background-checked and identified to ensure that only the safest, most reliable helpers will be assisting you. Furthermore, to give you peace of mind, VanMile has a handy tracking app which allows you to track your fridge, in real time, from the moment it leaves the pickup location to the moment it gets dropped off.

Obviously, VanMile does a lot to keep you and your items safe, and it does the same thing with your credit card information and other sensitive details. While you do have to provide a credit card number to use the app, VanMile processes this information securely, and your helper will never have access to it. In fact, no person will lay eyes on your card number since the application does the processing on its own.

As you can see, you have nothing to worry about and everything to gain with VanMile, the safest way to book a refrigerator mover Charlotte has to offer!

Give Feedback on Your Experience

VanMile cares very much about the service that you receive. As such, once you have booked and received service through VanMile, you will be able to rate both the service that you received and your helper or helpers.

Giving feedback is a great way to help build up and improve the VanMile community and to alert the company to any potential problems or things that it can do better, and VanMile does take this feedback very seriously. VanMile wants to provide the best possible marketplace for people and helpers to come together, and it is continually working to improve.

Few other services are on your side or go the extra mile for you the way VanMile does. If you’re ready to experience the VanMile difference, then go ahead and download the app and explore all the awesome services, in addition to refrigerator moving, that VanMile has to offer. You’ll find that, no matter what you use VanMIle for, you’ll have a great experience every time, guaranteed!